About Emamou

Emamou in 2020

The ambition of running a sustainable business started by 2015 when we inspiringly wanted to deliver a business that tackles environmental and resource concerns, lasts long for generations, and that connects nature and communities.

The E starting Emamou represents the Earth – Environment – Ecosytem – Econonmy. Everything along the value chains should be valued and connected. 

2020 is the year of unpredicted challenges, and is also the year of actions to make our business real, purposeful, and sustainable.

Emamou sustainable materials

Earth circulates our business

Emamou accelerates the development of the circular and bioeconomy by providing low-carbon, sustainable materials and products for businesses. We optimise the value chains of resources, support various companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and recycle existing materials and products.

Why choosing us: ​

Commitment to the best

we have an internal optimisation system to make best decisions on material mobilisation including material quality, credible sourcing, supply chain optimisation, and valued products.

Long-term vision

we analyse updates on policy, technology and market to avoid risks and maximise business success. We strive to bring win-win solutions for our customers so they can thrive in the long term.

Sustainability compliance

we provide sustainably sourced products with low greenhouse gas emissions and minimal environmental impacts. We run business in an ethical and engaging manner, offer fair opportunities, protect land and labour rights for local communities.

Do you want to grow A Sustainable business?

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