Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to being transparent in our business strategies and implementation. Therefore we are open to answer any questions that are raised by our business partners, external stakeholders including NGOs, and anyone who has interests in our sustainable business.

Emamou & Your Business

We present and work directly with producers and manufacturers of low-carbon
industries. Therefore we deliver sustainable materials and products that have
an excellent balance of quality, sustainability performance, and costs


Above all, we are transparent in any services and business aspects we deliver. We provide
options which are tailored and best suited to customers and still leave them the
full control of their final decisions. Sustainability, satisfaction and long-term
collaboration are our choices!

We supply sustainable materials and products that have low-carbon and environmental impacts and are well suited to any companies moving towards the circular and bioeconomy. Our team is present at every stage of the value chains, working directly with producers, logistic providers, manufacturers and end-users to assure that we are prompt to deal with any issues, build and maintain trusts with every stakeholder.

We provide sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) consultation to any businesses committed to delivering sustainability and ESG reporting of their business activities and sharing their efforts to tackle environmental and social impacts, and govern effectively and efficiently their business. Our experts are dedicated to help grow sustainably.

Sustainability Certification

Products and materials that Emamou supplies to any purchasers are sustainably certified. As we are committed to sustainability compliance, we require any producers working with us to deliver sustainably certified materials and products. Our sustainable products and materials have certification as below. 

Natural Rubber is purely raw materials harvested in rubber plantation areas. To assure that natural rubber is not sourced from forest clearance areas, it should be proved as sustainably harvested and pre-processed. Our natural rubber is certified by PEFC/ FSC for sustainable forest management and chain of custody. Equally important, the factories process natural rubber are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental impact control. 

Bio-based products and resins are in principle certified by TUV OK Biobased or DIN CERTCO BioBased. With TUV OK Biobased, to determine the percentage of renewable raw materials (% Bio-based), products and resins can be certified as one-star-bio-based, two-star-bio-based, three-star-bio-based or four-star-bio-based. With DIN CERTCO, depending on the proportion of biobased carbon, the quality levels are classified as follows: Biobased 20 – 50%; Biobased 50 – 85%; and Biobased > 85%.

Compostable products and resins are considered based on the EU standard for compostability EN 13432 to verify sustainable bioplastics. Packaging or products featuring the TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL or  DINCERTCO INDUSTRIAL labels are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks, and additives. The sole reference point for the certification programme is the harmonised EN 13432: 2000 standard: in any event any product featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL or DIN CERTCO logos comply with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive ( 94/62/EEC).

Biodegradable products and resins are featured by TUV OK compost HOME or DIN CERTCO Home Compostable labels to indicate that products are decomposed in a home composter. Owing to the comparatively smaller volume of waste involved, the temperature in a garden compost heap is clearly lower and less constant than in an industrial composting environment. This is why composting in the garden is a more difficult, slower-paced process.

Recycled plastic resins and products should also be sustainably certified to assure that they are recycled from plastic scraps. At the global level, the certificates Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and Post Consumer Recycling (PCR)  for reprocessing plastic materials are popular. At the European level, the EuCertPlast is more widely known in the European market.

Sustainable paper and wood products  should be certified for responsible harvesting and forest management. Currently FSC® or PEFC® Forest Management Certification are the most recognised certification schemes for paper and wood-derived materials. 

Sustainable Products: Customised and Tailored Possibilities?

Our sustainable products, whether made of wooden or paper materials, can be customised and printed with your own design. You will look at our catalogues, will contact us for your wish, we discuss the design and quotation before a contract is made. We will send printed samples for your considerations before final products are delivered to you. 

Our sustainable products, whether made of wooden or paper materials, can also be tailored with your own size requirements. You will look at our catalogues, contact us for your wish, we then discuss the size and quotation before a contract is made. We will send tailored samples for your considerations before final products are delivered to you. 

Price and Costs: Are they published?

Running a business which involves inland and intercontinental transport, it is difficult to have a fixed price for all products and materials. 

But we strive to be transparent with our price that is carefully considered based on quality, sustainability certification, and also our fully committed services. Price of our sustainable materials and products are provided monthly to our customers in consideration with transport costs. Please contact us for a detailed update.

Recycled Materials

Our recycled materials are first collected from industrial waste and scraps, then reprocessed and fed back to any business that need raw materials of the same types.

By 2021, we focus our efforts on recycling plastics and paper. Emamou will expand our portfolios to rubbers and other non-ferrous materials in the coming years.

Plastic waste is the worst environmental pollution that is seen on land, waterways, underground, and in the ocean. Our partnered factories collect plastic scarps from post industrial and consumer use. They wash and dry these scraps thoroughly with
high-standard water and drying systems. Wastewater is actually treated and reused in the factories. The scraps are then reprocessed with qualified technical control to assure the high quality of resins and granules. 

Currently we supply recycled plastic resins LDPE, HDPE, PP, as well as technical plastic resins. These resins can be applied for a wide range of plastic products from home care products, packaging applications, construction and automobile parts, to agricultural and horticultural films. These recycled plastic resins are certified with the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), Post Consumer Recycling (PCR), and soon EuCertPlast for reprocessing plastic materials. 

In addition to Recycled Plastic Resins available and ready to be used, Emamou also provides tailored plastic compounds for specific use and requirements of customers. 

Once we know specifications of the virgin technical plastics, technical data, applications, demand, and particular requirements (resistance to corrosion, fire, heat or coldness, etc.), we can design, advise, and process technical plastic scraps to your need. We have the knowledge, techniques, machine and dedicated team to produce recycled technical plastic resins successfully.   


Natural Rubber

Natural rubber (NR) has highly economic importance thanks to its versatility and wide application. More than 40,000 products are created by NR materials.


Bioplastic resins can be promising alternative materials to conventional and fossil-based plastics if they are produced from sustainably certified bio-based materials and/or in combination with agricultural starch or residues.

The bioplastic resins/ resins that Emamou delivers comply with the EU standard for biodegradability and compostability EN 13432. The resins are in principle certified by TUV OK Biobased, Compost HOME and/or INDUSTRIAL. They are also certified by DIN CERTCO  Biobased, HOME and/or INDUSTRIAL Compostable.

In addition to Bioplastic Resins available and ready to be used, Emamou also provides bioplastic compounds or masterbatches for specific use and requirements of customers. 

Using certain bio-based materials can be costly. And in reality, they can be replaced by other biobased/ residues/ starch alternatives. Once we know technical data, applications, demand, and particular requirements of customers, we can tailor and produce new compounds or masterbatches to your need. We have the knowledge, techniques, machine and dedicated experts to deliver specific bioplastic resins successfully.   

Fully aware of the ban of single-use plastics in the EU, Emamou delivers bioplastic products for multiple uses. These products are environmentally friendly and have sustainability certificates TUV and DIN CERTCO complying with the EU Standard for Compostability EU 13432.

We have bioplastic products for sectors including food and beverages, agriculture and horticulture, and packaging.

Many brands start using bioplastic bags or products with their unique logo, slogans and design. 

Emamou team can tailor bioplastic products to your own desire with a competitive price. We also advice you to select the right bio-based materials, product sizes, and consider sustainability commitment to lift up your brands to a higher appreciated level. 

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