Bioplastic Resin EBM.03

Bioplastic Resin EBM.03 is made of 85% PBAT and 15% minerals. Compostable pellets EBM.03 is non toxic and can be degraded within 12 months.

Emamou. EBM.03 (85% PBAT, 15% Mineral), Technical Data
Emamou. EBM.04 (80% PBAT, 20% Starch), Safety Data


Bioplastic Resin EBM.03 is a family of high durability compostable polymers. This is a masterbatch that compounds 85% PBAT with 15% minerals. It is supplied in pellet form.

o Designed as a raw material for blowing film applications
o Certified OK Home Compost , TUV Austria
Packaging and transport:
Shipping mode:  sealed pack
Minimum purchase: 1 Metric ton
Quantity able to supply:  100 Metric ton/month
Estimated delivery time:  6-8 weeks


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