Recycled Plastic Resin ERM.01

Recycled plastic resin ERM.01 is made of post-consumer LDPE film. It is of great quality and can be used to produce many packaging applications

Emamou. ERM.01, Technical & Safety Data


Recycled plastic resin ERM.01 is manufactured from the LDPE plastic scraps 99.1. Thanks to the carefully sorting process, thorough washing line and modern pelletization machines, it is of great quality and is a family of highly flexible polymers.  It is supplied in pellet form.

o Designed as a raw material for general packaging films including shopping bags, trash bags, and packaging sheets
o Certified Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) and 100% post-consumer recycling PCR
Packaging and transport:
Shipping mode: sealed pack
Minimum purchase: (combination with other bioplastic resins is possible)10 Metric ton
Quantity able to supply:800 Metric ton/month
Estimated delivery time: 6-8 weeks


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