Sustainable materials and products for the circular bioeconomy

Emamou Services

Sustainability Commitment

We only supply materials and products which are recycled or sustainably produced.

Thorough Consultation

We provide in-depth market, technological and policy advices for customers running a long-term sustainable business.


Value Chain Optimisation

Our experts verify quality and engage stakeholders for a sustainability compliance before products are delivered.

Sample Test

Materials and products must be real. We are happy to deliver samples suitable for your business development

our vision towards a sustainable business

We supply low-carbon and sustainable materials which are used for car manufacturing, construction, and renewable industries. All of our customers will benefit from a positive sustainability performance of material supply chains, and from our transparent commitment for a sustainable and competitive business.

sustainable materials

promising markets

Emamou enters promising markets that tackle sustainability concerns and address a sustainable business, which is not yet a norm in the current economy. Emamou has ambitious approaches that deal with current resource-inefficient issues, reduce climate impacts, and address various stakeholder expectations toward a climate neutral and zero waste economy.  

We make in-depth research on a sustainable economy and we closely follow climate policies in the European Union, and other large economies. We anticipate a high demand of our sustainable materials and products 

stakeholder engagement

Emamou is partnered with direct producers for our desired low-carbon materials. We see a promising business as there are market potentials for untapped low-carbon materials. We are expanding our partnerships, sharing knowledge, and engaging our partners for a long term and sustainable collaboration.


Emamou Products

Emamou Materials

tackling the growing demand for sustainable materials and products

Emamou's ambition is to bring a business growth, positive impacts to the environment, contribute to a sustainable economic development, create local jobs, and engage stakeholders in running long-term sustainable business.


The recycled aluminium that Emamou provides is truly low-carbon. Not only the purchase, the consultation they provided was also market- and technology-updated which was truly helpful to steer our business to be more sustainable.
Adam Sendler
Our purchase with Emamou was the best decision so far. We received prompt response and transparent guidance on the contract and delivery. The materials we bought are recycled, thus they have nearly zero emissions. I am very happy with their sustainability comitmment and services!
Mike Stuart
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